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WOW this ANZAC day was certainly much busier than the last. I thought it would slow down a bit after ANZAC day, but it seems that many people saw the medallion on ANZAC day, the traffic to the website caused it to crash, and people could not upload their pics to the facebook page. Which by the way for those that dont is

To date the money raised from the medallion and calendar has been distributed to groups that support the families of veterans. I decided there were enough groups supposidly looking after the veterans, bit not many really looking after the family. I have chosen Legacy and Young Diggers to be the main recipients this year of funds raised. I will still continue to buy resource books to assist children deal with deployments during and after the event. I will also continue to purchase self help and reference books on Depresion and MIlitary PTSD, as awareness for this is a major passion of mine.

OVer the last year i was also able to assist a few children when dad was injured and they had to spend hours on end at the hospital, and another little boy that spends so much time in hospital and Dr's, i had great pleasure in sending them an ipad each. I am not a charity, and do not want to become one, these people did not ask or even have any idea it was going to happen, which is teh way i like to work. Being able to do this makes all the long hours worth while. I was also able to assist a great initiative where ladies make quilts and give them to the guys and girls serving overseas, and another locally based family support group get up and running. ALL profits from the medllions and anything else i do are given back, this was never set up to be a money making venture, so giving it back to where it may one day help those that supported it has been reat. A real win win situation for all concerned. 

I will admit it does divert me from my uni studies quite often, but always nice to have a diversion. I love all the photos that are sent in, and delight in looking through them regularly.

I am constantly thinking of other ways to help the military family and welcome any suggestions you may have.    I am also a novice at this kind of blogging thing so please have patience with me as i learn it. 


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