The Idea

In 1994 my children received a very basic certificate from Army  Land Command , whilst my husband was serving in Somalia. I have never forgotten how special my children thought this was. Almost 20 yrs later  my children still have these certificates. They were taken  to school numerous times for show and tell. In 2004, i was working as an Advocate with the RSL at Ipswich, doing a lot of work with younger veterans, and was very surprised to find that the children no longer  received anything  recognising  their endurance during their parents deployments. 

Noticing on ANZAC day that children were wearing their parents miniature medals, i thought that they should have their own. 

With the assistance of Karen Masterman, we hand made some medallions and  Ipswich RSL Sub Branch put on  a special afternoon BBQ for the families of  deployed members from RAAF Amberley,  Over the next 7 yrs, I tried to get support from various areas to get the medallions made properly, for all children that endure a parents deployment. Eventually  in 2011 the Ipswich RSL Sub Branch put up the money for the first lot of medallions to be made.

First Presentation 2004

The Design

The design is based on the Australian Tri Service Logo.  

Representing the Navy is an anchor. Crossed Styer's representing the Army and and F18 Hornet coming through the centre represents the RAAF. THE check across the top represents the AFP. The laurel up each side represents remembrance and the southern cross up the top for Australia.  

The idea came from Donna Reggett and with the graphic design skills of James Grice at Foxhole Medals, Tasmania...

The medallion was created.