Operation PTSD Support

OPeration PTSD Support was launched on 5th August 2013. It came about because Donna Reggett wanted to donate the profits from Military Kids Recognition to a group that focused on the partners and children of incapacitated Veterans. THere were no groups around and she felt the profits from her efforts were not assisting those she passionatly wanted to help.   The Organisation currently oversees  PTSD partners on facebook, a private forum for partners of veterans currently it has over 375 members.  

Operation PTSD Support is focused on providing resources and support for those that support our troops, the partners and children of these incapacitated veterans. Through information programs and respite getaways, social gatherings, childrens programs and continuing to provide resource books to schools and libraries.

They run partners retreats in MAy and October each year in Maroochydore and organise a seven to ten day Bali trip in March each year for partners and carers. 

Awareness campaigns are planned for October (Mental Health Month) and will continue at opportune times.

Anyone interested in joining Operation PTSD Support and helping with our awareness campaigns and fundraising can contact Donna  through  the contact us page on this site. 

Anyone wishing to donate to Operation PTSD Support can also do so by contacting Donna or Donating to Operation PTSD Support through the online Shop.