About THe Founder

Donna Reggett of Flinders View Queensland,  has worked within the veteran community in welfare and advocacy for over twelve years. Being appointed a member of the inaugural Prime Ministers Advisory Council on Veteran Matters in 2008,  as well as holding positions on many national and state forums within the veteran community, Donna has been at the coal face of issues facing the families of ex serviceman and those still serving within the defence force.

Donna first had the idea of recognizing the families in 2004, She  realized that children were no longer getting the certificate her daughters received from the Defence Force when her husband deployed in 1994. The medallion was implemented because she believed that children have always made a sacrifice when their parent deploys. Doing it even tougher today with multiple deployments and up to the minute media coverage that cant be totally avoided. Seeing many children on ANZAC day standing proud with their parents often wearing Mum or Dads miniature medals, made Donna think that the kids should have one of their own.

 The medallions were first presented  in 2004 in Ipswich by the Ipswich RSL Sub Branch. This  sub branch has believed in and supported Donna's effort all along. The medallions are sold to families and often presented at special functions. The program is run voluntarily and profits are donated to groups that support the families of  incapacitated veterans including Operation PTSD Support,  Legacy and  Wounded Heroes Australia. Profits from medallions sold internationally are distrubted within those countries to charities assisting the families of their veterans.

During 2012 almost 4000 children have received the medallions, many being presented at school assemblies or RSL presentation functions. Some units have also held their own medallion presentations.

Donna is assisted in this project with hands on help from her family. 

Donna is currently studying for a Bachelor of Human Services degree (community development) full time through University of Southern Queensland, and continues to practice as an Advocate part time. She recently (2013) joined with Brook Pesce from Little Warrior Project to launch Operation PTSD Support, supporting those that support our troops. Donna Is the current President of this NFP organisation.