General Medallion

General Medallion
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THis medallion is available to give to your loved ones that have shown support and perseverance throughout your service in the Defence Force. There is no deployment criteria required for this 

THis medallion can be given to your own children, your brothers and sisters,  grandchildren. 

The back off the medallion says "in recognition of your perseverence on the home front"   the actual medallion is antique brass , There is no certificate with medallion, if you really want one please order it seperately from the shop and supply details that you want written on it. 

THis medallion id NOT an official medallion and as such should be worn on the rght breast.

This medallion comes in a presentation bag. NO box is currently available for this. 

Only one option can be chosen,  both discounts cannot be applied, your order will not be processed.  

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